The Weekend Changes

Image from Ella Bella Floral

Happy, happy weekend!  I’m in St. George enjoying my family, the sun, and lots of outdoor time.  I love Joe’s parents and time with them always makes me happy.  If you are somewhere cold and dreary this weekend, I will be thinking of you and sending some sunny thoughts your way.  While, I’m off golfing and swimming (don’t hate me), here are some changes for you to enjoy:

*My Happy Pinterest Board…you should make one, too!
*A Poem a Day makes me smile.
*So does A Photo a Day.
*Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes to celebrate a birthday.
*A Confetti Tablecloth.
*Inspiration…Overcoming Obstacles from Marta and Happy News!

And a few changes you might have missed:

*2012 Changes–The Happiness Project.
*My Kirtsy Slideshow–Hearts in Nature.
*2012 Changes–The Healthy Mind Platter.
*Turbo Decorating.

Have a wonderful weekend full of happy changes.


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