A Room Fit for a Tween

Last week I gave you a quick preview of some of the inspiration behind my recent bedroom redo.  Today, I thought I would share a few before and after images.  Then, I’ll follow up throughout the week with more images and lots of details (maybe more than you want to know).  This bedroom redo makes me so happy!

My 4th daughter, Halle, is growing up too fast!  3 years ago she was a little girl so she had a little girl bedroom…lots of flowers and very pink!

But, she isn’t a little girl anymore.  My baby is almost 12 and she will be going to junior high in the fall and she is a bit of a tomboy and mostly over flowers and pink walls.


So, it was time for a bedroom redo.  My goal for this project was a space that was happy and fun, but also easy to update because someday she will be a tween instead of a teen.  So I went with neutral backgrounds, pops of color, and fun accessories. 





Tomorrow I will share what makes this a tween room and a few details on my wall art.


2 thoughts on “A Room Fit for a Tween

  1. Powwlita,Thank you for your comment…you made my day! I actually made the curtains with some fabric I got at a discount fabric store. They are just simple panels. I hung them with black clips. Let me know if you have any more questions.Lori C.

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