Happiness Commandment #3—Be Lori


This commandment involves a lot of self-acceptance…acceptance of your strengths, weakness, limitation, potential, likes, dislikes, person.  It also means that when you accept yourself, you need to accept others, just as they are.  This is not always easy or fun.  In fact, Gretchen Rubin calls it The Sadness of a Happiness Project.  It is sad when you look at all there is and all you wish you could be, and you realize that it isn’t possible.  But there is also a sense of freedom in that narrowing.

When I strip my life to the bones of what it is and what it really can be, my path becomes more clear and I feel a sense of lightness.  “Being Lori” means I will never be featured on Oprah, I will never have sons, I will never be skinny.  But, I can write a book, live in Italy, and run another marathon. I will always like doing laundry and I will always hate cleaning bathrooms.  I will say “yes” to often and I will be lazy frequently.  I will always be a wife, mother, woman, daughter, sister.  I will always “be Lori.”


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