Happiness Commandment #4—Time Out


I have to have down time and when I don’t things get ugly!  In fact, when I’m really struggling with depression, I’m usually just exhausted…physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Taking some time out usually restores me to normality and life looks happy and rosy again.  The more stress I’m dealing with, the more time out I need.

Time out for me comes in a variety of ways…

*A good night’s sleep.
*A nap…I love naps.
*Reading for pleasure.
*A good movie or a favorite tv show.
*A bath.
*A long talk.
*Family time.
*Couple time with Joe.

I read a suggestion one time that the optimal amount of down time is 1 hour/day, 1 day/week, 1 week every 4 months.  I can manage the 1 hour/day, but 1 day/week and 1 week every 4 months are difficult.  It’s definitely worth working  towards…I’m a big fan of more down time!


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