Happiness Commandment #7–Establish Order, Appreciate Chaos

Order is important to me.  I think better, create more, and am much happier in a well-ordered home and life.  My mind cannot seem to rest when I am in a messy room.  Even as a child, I kept a neat and tidy room and except for some momentary lapses during finals, new babies, and many moves, I’ve maintained a pretty well-ordered home.

However, some of the people I live with do not need order the way that I do.  They claim they are just as productive, creative, and happy without it.  Hence, they don’t notice it and they don’t realize the disorder that they bring to my little well-ordered world.  Shoes, socks, backpacks, coats, keys, sunglasses, baseball hats, mail, phones, dishes, hair pins, brushes, books, clothes, crumbs, cords.  These people are messy!

But, I love them all with my whole soul so I’ve learned to appreciate the chaos that their lives bring to mine.  I’m never entirely comfortable with it, but I’ve learned to accept it.

I will always work to establish order because that is part of what it means to Be Lori.  And order makes me happy.  But I’ve learned to be happy with some chaos, too, because the chaos in my life comes from what makes me the happiest of all…the people I love.


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