Get Dressed!


If you are making healthy changes in your life, like I am, than exercise has got to be a part of it.  Scheduling time for exercise is never easy, but so important.  Exercise is one of the biggest components of my Happiness Commandment, Total Health.

A simple strategy that I use to make sure I get my exercise in…I get dressed in my exercise clothes first thing in the morning.  Some days, I am in them from morning until night, but every time I notice what I am wearing, it is a reminder to me that I need to get my exercise in.

As an alternative for those who work outside the home, pack your gym bag every night and put on your exercise gear before you leave work, or put it on as soon as you get home.  It is much more likely you’ll get your workout in if you’ve already taken the first step.

Give it a try…it just might be the first step towards a healthier you.


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