Still Lovin’ Athleta


Shorts from Athleta

Last summer I wrote about how much I love Athleta, and I still do.  I have only ordered a few things from them, but I’m definitely adding a pair of these shorts to my summer wardrobe…or maybe the Bermuda’s.  As a mom, I realized long ago that I need a pair of water-friendly shorts to wear when I’m in the water with my girls.  I’m much more comfortable playing volleyball, canoeing, waterskiing, and participating in active water sports when I don’t have to worry about what might be exposed.

Yesterday when I shared a simple tip to help you get your workout in, I forgot to mention that having cute and well-fitting workout clothes makes a big difference in motivation levels.  Sometimes, a new pair of yoga pants can keep me motivated for weeks.  My workout wardrobe is not so pretty right now…think old shirts with holes and paint on them and boring black spandex pants.  I think a refresh might be in order.  Maybe something like some of these:


Do you think that wearing these clothes helps you look like these women?  If so, I’ll take one of everything!


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