Snack-size Jelly Jars


A little change that is making a big difference to me–jelly jars aren’t just for jelly! In fact, I am a little bit in love with these 4 oz. beauties.  Last week I went to the store for some clear plastic cups to use for Ree’s Frozen Fruit Cups.  I grabbed a bag and headed down the aisle, wondering what kind of plastic wrap Ree used over the top of the cups.  I was a bit worried about the cups falling over in the freezer before they were frozen.  (I think about these kinds of things when I’m grocery shopping.)

Just down from the cups, but right before the plastic wrap, I spotted the glass canning jars and I knew I had hit upon the perfect solution to my dilemma…glass jelly jars with LIDS.  I bought a case for $8 and on my drive home realized that they were worth so much more.  In fact, I think they are just about the perfect container.  Here’s why:

*Healthy—at 4 oz. they are the perfect serving size for a treat and an easy way to monitor calories.  A great way to Get Healthy.

*Cheap—just over $.65 each for one use, but they will get used a gazillion times.

*Green—reusable up to a gazillion times, and recyclable.

*Clean—dishwasher safe!

*Cute—anything in mini form is cute.

*Transportable—just put the lid on and go.

*Versatile—fridge, freezer, oven and microwave (with lid off).

I love them so much that I bought another case this week, and I suspect there will be a few more in my future because I’m realizing that they aren’t just for food…jewelry, office supplies, crafts, candles, the possibilities are endless.

So far I’ve used them for fruit cups, pudding, jello, and condiment holders.  My girls love them because there is always a little treat waiting in the fridge or freezer.  I take about 5 minutes every morning to stir something up, pour it in the jars, and pop it in the fridge or freezer.




I realize that Mason Jar Meals are not a new concept, but using the snack-size jelly jars is new to me.


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