Get Clean in April


Time to focus on a new change…April is all about Getting Clean!  I think most of us get that urge to get things cleaned up in the spring, both inside and out.  Every spring I have this wild urge to throw everything away and start over.  I don’t actually do it, but I do fantasize about having one completely empty and perfectly clean room that I can visit whenever I need to…oh, and it has a lock on the door and only I have the key.

So, this month I’m dusting off the cobwebs, literally.  I’ll keep you updated with what I’m doing to get clean, and you can share some of your favorite tips for all things cleaning…schedules, products, motivation, kid’s chores, links, etc.  My house is long overdue for a good clean, so I’m looking forward to this change.  I’m happier and more productive and creative when my house is clean, and I’m pretty sure the rest of my family is, too.


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