The Weekend Changes

Image by Irene Suchocki

 Happy Weekend to you!  Some random things I have planned for the weekend:  birthday party for my nephew, pre-graduation breakfast for Riley, a skin cancer screening, dinner + fundraiser, some cleaning, and some fun.  Right now I’m off for a run and some errands, but not before I leave you with some changes to enjoy:

*Make sure you take some time to be inspired with the Happiness Revealed video…it will be the best thing you do all weekend.  I guarantee it!

Irene Suchocki’s Photography

Spring Trend…Printed Pants.

Recycle your Yoga Mat.

S Magazine via Creature Comforts.

Change your Ikea furniture with Pretty Pegs, via Design Mom.

Stephanie asks, Is Less Really More?

Curbly’s Cleaning Posts…so much good stuff here!

A Healthy Reward.

Inspiration…Happiness Revealed.  Beautiful, inspirational, life-changing.

Here are a few changes you might have missed:

Get Clean in April

Give Yourself a Time Limit

A Spring Display

I hope your weekend is full of lots of randomness, too…and lots of lovely changes as well.


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