A New Frame

What a difference a new frame can make!  I bought this picture of the Salt Lake Temple at a thrift store for $1.  It is interesting.  The image is printed on what appears to be an overhead transparency.  Then it is backed with a very thin sheet of gold leaf.

When the light hits the image it creates a metallic look.

I like this unique approach to a pretty common image in Mormondum. The colors are really vibrant and the texture adds interest.   But, the cheap gold frame and the gold on the mat were pulling the focus away from the temple. So I decided to make a little change.

When choosing a frame, you need to decide if you want the image to shine, or the frame.  For this image, I wanted the frame and mat to blend into the background so that the texture and colors of the  image would really pop.  I bought a new frame at Ikea, but in my enthusiasm for the project, I bought the wrong size…it was too big.   Not a problem though. I had planned on painting the new frame a brighter white (Ikea white just looks dirty to me), so I just painted the mat from the old frame at the same time.  I used a glossy white spray paint, let it cure for a couple of days, and popped the image inside both mats.

So much better!  The image grabs the eye, and the frame and mat disappear into the wall…exactly what I was hoping for.

*FYI, Joe and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple 23 years ago!




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