The Weekend Changes

Changing of the Seasons by Julie L. Jilek

Friends, I am tired this morning!  I think it is a combination of too many late nights and my Ragnar training…this weekend I’m running three times in 24 hours.  I’m also going to spend most of Saturday with my two youngest girls at a dance competition, while Joe spends all of Saturday at a political convention.  I’m not sure how cleaning is going to happen, but we have bathrooms on the agenda.  I HATE cleaning bathrooms, but my girls do their own so I just have to supervise and listen to them complain.  Then there is my bathroom which I’m trying to gear up for cleaning today.  Did I mention that I HATE cleaning bathrooms?  Sometimes I pay my girls to clean mine, too.

I need to run…literally…but not before I leave you with some changes to enjoy:

Spring Wardrobe Must Haves.

A Spring Cleaning List…what is on yours?

Personalized Lunchboxes…can you spot my favorite?

The Sandbox Chronicles

Best Prank Ever!…thanks, Sid.

Cute + Supportive Swimwear from Athleta

Celebrate Earth Day with a Picnic.

Tips from a Sherwin Williams Color Expert…check out Chip It!

Spring Sneakers.

Inspiration…Add Positive Energy.

And here are a few changes you might have missed:

Cleaning Basics

The Cleaning Archives

DIY Cleaning Solutions


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