Clean with Curbly

In the past couple of weeks I have linked to Curbly a few times.  Their website is full of great ideas for “people who love where they live.”   The cleaning section is particularly good.  Check out a few of my favorite posts:  Cleaning with Kids, a free Cleaning Playlist, and the Does It Work? Challenges.

Curbly also has some great cleaning check lists that you can download and print for free by signing up for their newsletter or liking their facebook page (I did both).  I printed out the checklists to add to my ever-growing collection of cleaning schedules and ideas.  Some things I like about Curbly’s lists:

1.  I didn’t make them.

2.  I can pass these lists to my girls to ensure they know exactly what it means when their chore list says  “weekly” clean the kitchen/bathroom.

3.  The lists have boxes to check and I love to check boxes when I’ve completed something…I get such a sense of satisfaction from this.

4.  There are cleaning recipes for DIY cleaners that go along with each section…for example,  to clean your microwave: “Put a bowl of vinegar and water in the microwave, and cook on high for 3 minutes.  Wipe down with a clean cloth.”

I’m going to try some of these suggestions this week, and see how far I get.  The month is almost over and I’m afraid I still have a long way to go in the cleaning department.  How are you doing on your spring cleaning?


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