The Weekend Changes

Summer Sunset in Norway at Blue Pueblo

Happy, happy weekend!  I love this image for so many reasons…summer evenings on green grass are some of the most perfect moments and this image captures it all so beautifully.  Doesn’t it look like the perfect setting for a gorgeous party or a romantic stroll?

I’m heading into the weekend with a bit of everything on the schedule:  decorating projects, Saturday chores, a church activity, a family movie night, a long run, and some shopping.  I’m feeling a bit blah today, so I’m hoping at least one of these activities will perk me up.  If not, I’m just going to close my eyes and pretend I’m enjoying a summer sunset in Norway, but not before I leave you with a few changes to enjoy:

Joanna’s new series on Summer Essentials.

Can you judge a woman by Her Shoes?

A lovely change…Teacups and Saucers become Jewelry Storage.

40 Books You Won’t be able to Put Down.

An amazing Ikea Hack…I’ve got to try this one!

Top your gifts with flowers like Paper Calla Lillies or Fresh Flowers and Herbs.

Get Clean with Your Kids…notice all the chores they can help with!

I’m going to make some changes like these in my own Long, Skinny Hallway.

Inspiration…365 Grateful via Design Mom.

Here are a few changes you might have missed:

A Story About Faith.

10 Daily Habits for Moms.

Clean with Curbly.

Have a wonderful weekend…I hope it is full of some lovely changes.


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