Mom Moment–Halle’s Memoirs, Age 11

Halle has been writing her autobiography for a school assignment.  Each day she adds a new installment which makes me laugh and sometimes cry a little.  I wish everyone felt so awesome about themselves and their life at age 11…and I wish that feeling of awesomeness was with us forever!  I hope it will be for Halle.  I hope she doesn’t mind, but I thought I would share a few of her chapters (I love the titles):

The Beginning of Me

Halle Jo Cartwright, also known as the most amazing person on the Earth, was born July 18th, 2000 in Spokane Washington. My birthday is extra special not only because I am amazing, but I was born five weeks early on vacation! My whole family including my Gammy and Grandpa were there, and that is a lot of people because I have my three sisters and two parents. It was a really exciting day especially since my two year old sister came walking down the hallway cradling, and loving her jello more than me. Even though it was a very odd day we still got a lot of memory saving pictures, and moments.

All About Me

I am very beautifull with my golden brown hair, and my golden eyes. I may be a little young for my grade, but I do have a normal shoe size and height. I wear 6’s in womens, and I am 5 feet tall. A few distinguishing features that I have are that I have golden skin, long legs and feet. Luckily, since shortness runs in the family, my sister is short so I am as tall as she is and I am trying to grow taller. I may be a little bit different but I am still a human being, like you.

 It’s Them

Them, the dreaded three sisters. Courtnee, Riley and Lainey, my sisters who come from the beyond. Never mind, just being mean. They are actually part of my great family consisting of my parents Lori and Joe, my siblings and sibling in law Geoff, Courtnee, Riley, and Lainey, and my pets Bo, Belle, The Cat, and not so sweet Bentley.  It may be a big crazy family, but they are family.

Sweet, Sweet School

School, the place where my teachers teach. My favorite teachers are probably my current teacher, Mrs.Christensen, my fifth grade teacher, Mrs.Orton, and my third grade teacher, Mrs.Geldmacher. My favorite field trip would probably the sixth grade swimming party. I liked this field trip because my friend Payden threw a orange in the parking lot and it got squished by the school bus, it was so hilarious! Those may be awesome moments and people, but that’s the past and I still got a future.



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