Go Green in May


A new month, a new change.  May is all about “going green”…reusing, reducing, recycling, and all those things that are good for the planet and our wallets.  I’m hopeful that a few little changes in my life will lead to a greener and more earth-friendly lifestyle for me and my family.

Why “Go Green?”

There are so many reasons, but one of the most important for me is to teach my children…gratitude for the earth’s beauty and goodness, responsibility to care for it, and awareness that their choices matter.

Twenty-one years ago, Joe and I moved to Oregon and lived there for the next five years.  It was the first time that either of us really thought about the environment.  We were introduced to recycling, and we were grateful for how convenient it was to recycle in Oregon.  We even received a discount on our garbage bill for recycling.  When we moved to Utah in 1996, we were shocked at the difference.  We paid a separate company to pick up our recycling or we hauled things to local stores and schools.  16 years later, our small town still provides no recycling.  We dp have the option to put recyclable items in blue bags that are picked up with our trash.  What happens to those blue bags is a mystery, though…and one I intend to solve this month.

I have other family members who live in Utah, and things have progressed in bigger cities.  My parents have a can for trash and a can for recycling.  But there is a lot of room for improvement, and I hope to make some changes for the better in my own life.

Join me this month as I make some changes and “Go Green.”  And feel free to share any advice, favorite products, or information you have on living an earth-friendly lifestyle.


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