One of the best ways to go green, is to BYOB…bring your own bags.  Businesses like Costco and Ikea have been requiring it for years…buy their bag (Ikea), try a cardboard box (Costco), or use your own hands (both).  And now most retailers have some form of a reusable bag to purchase.  Joe encouraged me to switch to paper bags several months ago, but some stores no longer offer paper as an alternative.     So we are making the change to reusable bags as our first step towards going green.

I have purchased reusable bags from my local grocery store in the past, but I have a problem remembering to take them with me on my shopping trips…and they are not so cute!  I’m thinking about trying Baggu Bags instead.  They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, and they fold into a flat pouch that would be easy to store in a purse or car.  The fun patterns and bright colors just might inspire me to do a little bit more shopping (maybe not a good thing?).

I’m also contemplating a few of these for each of my girls…one for dance, one for volleyball, one for school, one for piano, one for the pool.  They are made out of nylon and machine washable so they can be used over and over.

Have you tried reusable bags, and do you have some that you love?  More great bags at Etsy’s madder root or you could DIY.


2 thoughts on “BYOB

  1. Hi Lori,

    I stumbled across your blog while browsing today. I am also making the effort to go green (I live in Australia) and I have the worst trouble with reusable bags! I have always really disliked how cumbersome and frankly unattractive they are… so I have never been good at taking them with me. However… I came across a blog last year where the bloggers were raving about how great these bags were …. I admit they spoke so well about them that I was convinced and I ordered some which is something I generally would not do!

    These little bags are brilliant because they are so small when rolled up! I have never forgotten them since (and believe me, that is saying something!)

    I ended up buying 7 of them because I shop for a family and that has been a good number for me… I always have at least a couple in my purse.

    Good on you for going green! I think it is something we all need to be more focused about! It is all about those baby steps, slowly working towards the right direction.

    Well done!

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