Hazardous Waste Disposal

What do you do with your hazardous waste?  Things like paint, oil, and cleaners that cannot be disposed of in the sink or sewer?  Here in our little town, we are lucky enough to have a Clean Harbors location nearby.  Even better, twice a year the county health department sponsors a day where you can bring your hazardous waste to their location and Clean Harbors takes it and safely disposes of it.  The service is free and so easy.  You drive up, answer a few questions, and some helpful workers take your items where they are sorted and sent in trucks to be safely disposed of.

The workers are dressed in hazard suits like this…

and seem happy doing their job.

There are also several police officers there to maintain safety.  The hazard suits and security make me a tiny bit nervous…all that bad stuff in one place.  Recycling and safely disposing of hazardous items is good, but wouldn’t it be so much better if we all used products that didn’t require full body protection, special masks, and police security?  Just saying…



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