Clean Green

I spotted some “green” cleaning products at my local grocery store today…just an average grocery store, nothing fancy.  I’m quite happy that the choices are increasing, but wish the price was a bit more comparable to other products.   Most of the “green” items are concentrated, though, so ideally they should last longer.  Interesting to note that all of the products are in plastic containers.

Today, I purchased the Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner and Disinfecting Bathroom Spray.  You can read more about their company here.  I’m looking forward to the scent of Emerald Cypress and Fir in my bathroom, and hoping it cleans as well as it smells!  Do you have any favorite “green” cleaning products?


2 thoughts on “Clean Green

  1. Orange TKO is hands down my favorite “green” cleaner. I LOVE it. It can be ordered online and is made from orange peels. It works great for different things at different concentrations (even to clean carpets) and smells heavenly! It’s economical if you do the math for how it is diluted. I have a tiny bit left of mine if you want to try it.
    Jen Walker

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