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aluminum pan/paper & plastics

These next couple of weeks we will be having several gatherings at our home…two birthdays, two graduations for Riley, and promotion for Lainey.  So party supplies are on my mind and I’m trying to keep them as earth-friendly as possible.  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is my motto for purchases lately, but sometimes I feel a bit confused.  For example, I don’t have enough “real” plates to serve dinner to a large number of guests, so until I do, I buy disposable plates.  For our last gathering, I bought aluminum plates that I’m hoping to reuse at all of our summer events.  But, they will need to be recycled eventually, and that process involves using energy.  Would it be better to buy paper plates and throw them away after one use?  They will break down naturally, thus requiring no energy usage, but until then they are sitting in a landfill.  Or should they be recycled as well?  We are slightly anti-plastic everything at our house right now, but plastic would be the most durable choice and can be recycled eventually.  So which to choose, and is there a choice that is the best?

I decided to google “are paper plates or aluminum plates best for recycling,” and I found this information at My Recyclopedia.  I definitely feel good about choosing the aluminum plates now, but I’m even happier that I discovered this website.  It is from a specific company in Canada, so the dates and times for pick up are not applicable, but the information is great.  There is an A-Z List of Products that lets you know exactly what you need to do to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle a specific product.  LOVE!


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