Stylish Recycling

Bag It

Do you have a stylish way for organizing your recycling?  Because recycling is so limited here, I do not have to sort my recycling…pretty much all I can recycle is paper.  So, my recycling storage is not so stylish.  I have two trash cans under my kitchen sink, one for garbage and one for recycling.  But, I’m in the midst of a kitchen redo so I’m thinking a recycling upgrade might be in order.  Here are some ideas I’m considering:

DIY Pull Out Trash and Recycling Bin

Lazy susan recycling centerLazy Susan Recycling Center

Garage Organization: Create Recycle Bin Hangers
DIY Recycle Bin Hangers

recycle bin
(Just Kidding) A Great Conversation Piece

 I might just keep it simple, though, and do something like this: 

Kitchen recycling binsCabinet Drawer

Any brilliant or stylish ideas that you use for recycling?  How about simple, fast, and cheap…my favorite right now!  More stylish recycling ideas here.


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