Riley is 18!

Somehow this gorgeous girl of mine is turning 18 today!  And she just graduated from high school and has so many exciting adventures ahead of her.  I love every bit of her skinny little body and all of the energy and excitement she adds to our home and family.  Last year I wrote about 17 wishes for Riley’s 17th birthday.  This year, I thought I would share 18 things I love about Riley:

1.  Like me in so many ways, but a much better version!

2.  Big heart full of love.

3.  Champion of the underdog.

4.  Amazing smile.

5.  Challenges me every single day to be a better mom.

6.  Best cheerleader ever!

7.  A master at debate.

8.  A people magnet…everyone loves her.

9.  Loves to have fun.

10. Mud puddle expert.

11. My girliest girl.

12. Finding her own path.

13. Strong-willed.

14. Beautiful in every way.

15. So creative.

16. Loves to tease.

17. Her unpierced belly button.

18. Curly hair and Cartwright cheeks.

Love you so much Riley Rose.  Happy 18th Birthday!


3 thoughts on “Riley is 18!

  1. What a gorgeous daughter- and you have four! With four boys I can’t even imagine what your home must be like! I found you through Gabrielle’s blog today- thank you for your incredibly kind comment.

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