Doing Disneyland

We are starting summer off with a bang…a Disneyland vacation!  This image is from our last visit to Disneyland, 3 years ago.  We celebrated Courtnee’s high school graduation there, and this time we are celebrating Riley’s.  I guess it is a last homage to childhood.  Normally our family vacations are a bit more sporty and outdoorsy, but Disneyland every few years is a special treat.

Family vacations are important to us!  I wrote about that here.  As our girls are getting older, we feel an increased need to reconnect through vacation time.  So we are off for another family adventure…this time with our son-in-law Geoff.  This is his first trip to Disneyland and all four girls are excited to share this experience with him.

Although we have only been to Disneyland a handful of times, we have learned a few little secrets that make our time there so much better. This week I’m going to share a few things we have learned along the way.  I’m definitely not an expert, so please share if you have any great advice or tips.



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