Doing Disneyland–Time Out!


We have learned from past experiences, that everyone’s vacation experience is a lot better if we plan some down time into our schedule.  This is especially true at Disneyland where the senses can go into total overload.  After a couple of days at Disneyland, we are all ready for some time at the beach.  We relax, swim, walk, eat, and soak up all the California sun we can.  We always leave with a small bag of sand and hopefully a few seashells to add to our collection of beach jars.  This is my favorite and only must-have souvenir for any trip we take.  Someday, I hope my collection looks like this…

beach sand jarsImage at Completely Coastal

We plan some time out even on our days at Disneyland.  We head to the park early in the morning, and then come back in the afternoon to eat and decompress.  After a couple of hours, we are ready to head back and full of energy and enthusiasm for the incredible firework shows.

For our family, time out means less meltdowns and lots more vacation fun!


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