Image via LauraJul

My life is good and I’m grateful for so many things.  But lately I’ve been hearing the word “no” over and over and it has led to a lot of disappointment.  I’ve been feeling lost and adrift for a while now, and every time I think I’ve finally found the path I should be on, someone tells me “no.”  It is hard to keep picking myself up and moving on.  A phrase from my days of Saturday morning cartoons keeps running through my head…”My get up and go has got up and went!”

When I’m feeling continually disappointed, it is easy for me to lose hope and spiral down into a deep dark place.  I have to move past the disappointment as quickly as possible and immerse myself in something that restores my faith in myself and in my life.  Exercise, sleep, and anything inspiring helps.  So do hugs and reassurance from people I love and trust.  Recently, though, I’ve discovered the best solution for me to get past disappointment is to get lost in a creative project.  It helps me feel like I’m making progress in some area in my life and making anything beautiful restores my confidence in myself and my abilities.  I’m working on a lot of projects right now because each day seems to bring another round of disappointment.

Do you have any solutions for dealing with disappointment?  How do you keep going when life is knocking you around?  Any great tricks for truly moving past disappointment to gratitude?


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