Go Green–My Report

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Last month went by much more quickly than I would have liked.  I didn’t make all the green changes I was hoping too, but I’m definitely headed in a greener direction.  My biggest change was definitely in regards to shopping bags.  I never did order the ones I was hoping to, but I pulled out the few I already have and have been using them like crazy.  When I forget, which still happens sometimes, than I always request paper or I just carry my purchases in my hands or purse.  I have definitely made progress in this area.

I was hoping to make Riley’s graduation party as environmentally friendly as possible…aluminum pans for plates, thrift store forks that were dipped in enamel paint, cloth napkins.  But when I was knocked down by the “plague,” we went into survival mode and Joe did all of the shopping.  This meant plastic cups and utensils and throw-away paper plates.  We decided to take the remaining cups and utensils with us on our Disneyland trip, hoping that we could use and recycle them at our condo.  But no such luck, so we just hauled them all back home with us.  I’m still trying to decide what to do with them.

On a brighter note, the resort we stayed at did offer some recycling so we recycled whatever we could.  Also, Disneyland has recycling containers next to the garbage cans where you can recycle plastic bottles and cans.  These little changes definitely helped our vacation to be a bit more green than usual.

Overall, I’m happy with the little changes I’ve made and plan to continue to work on Going Green.  If you missed some of my posts on going green, here are the links:

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Back tomorrow with June’s change…it is a perfect change for summer!


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