The Weekend Changes


Happy weekend!  Any fun plans at your home?  We are too lazy right now to make plans of any kind, so we are relaxing through the weekend and getting down to business on Monday.  Next week will be a big one, so resting up for it is a good  decision.  I am taking advantage of the lack of busyness to catch up on some computer work, but not before I leave you with some changes to enjoy:

I love Julia Child even more, and Paul, too!

Snow Cone Party Garland…perfect for summer parties.

Knife Skills.

Fun gift idea…Articipe via Young House Love.

25 Awesome and Affordable Side Tables.

Fun rainbow images Here and Here.

Love these Levi Quilts.

Inspiration…Life is a Bowl of Cherries.

Wishing you a weekend full of lovely changes, and back next week with June’s change.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend Changes

  1. Hey there–just saw some traffic coming my way from here. Thanks for the link to my round up of affordable side tables! I love finding new blogs this way, too!

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