Outside Candle Jars


One of my favorite outside decorations is candles.  They add such a festive glow and can make the simplest outdoor space look a bit magical.  For those of us who live in a climate where fireflies are non-existent, candles are an easy substitute.  In my book, the simpler the candle holder the better so these jars are perfect, and all you need to hang them is a tree and some string.

Image at Joy Ever After

For more variety, intersperse your candles with tiny flower bouquets…I love this combination of candles, white flowers, colored jars, and twine.

Image from At West End

 No trees…no problem.  Wire jars to yard stakes or strong sticks…

Image at The Country Barrel

…hang from a fence…

candle jarsImage at Reasons to Breathe 

…or line a path.  There is so much beauty in the simplicity of a candle jar and a perfect summer evening


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