Platter at Orange and Pear

 One of my favorite things to do outside is eat…picnics at the beach or in the mountains, Sunday treats on the front porch, breakfast in our little courtyard, popsicles on the swings.  I am a fan of all of them!  But I’m not a fan of broken dishes or lots of fussy things to pack and unpack.  I’m also not a fan of just throwing it all away.  That’s why I love melamine so much.  It is a no-worry alternative to nice dishes and paper or plastic plates.  It is also inexpensive, durable, and usually dishwasher safe.

Melamine is also fun!  When my girls were younger, the beginning of summer always meant a trip to the store to pick out their very own plate and bowl for the summer.  It made the transition from school to home a little more exciting, and it also made clean up easier for me…I always knew who had not cleared their place.  My girls were quite proud of their own little dishes and treated them well.  Now that we have a house full of teens and tweens and all of their friends, melamine is definitely my first choice for all of their summer celebrating.  They like to fill up a plate and head to the trampoline, the front porch, or the picnic table, and I don’t worry about it at all…even when the dishes are occasionally forgotten until the next day.

Melamine is getting quite stylish as well…here are a few alternatives you might like:

 Target/Crate&Barrel/West Elm


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