Mountains and Desert

We are looking forward to lots of outside time this weekend!  My 13 year-old is in the desert for a pioneer trek…

and I’m headed to the mountains to run in the Wasatch Back with Courtnee, Geoff, my sister, my brother, my nephew, my cousin, and a few friends.  This is what the run looks like…

This is what I’ll be running…

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Our house is a massive jumble of trip preparation right now:  pioneer clothes, sleeping bags, insect repellent, sunscreen, running shoes, Lara bars, peanut butter, car vinyl, coolers, ice, headlamps, oranges.  There is a lot of anticipation in the air as we go our separate ways to enjoy survive some outside activities this weekend.  

I’m not sure which group has it easier, or more difficult.  I think the group headed to the mountains are going to enjoy the weather and the spectacular scenery more than the group in the dusty desert.  The mountain group is covering more ground, almost 200 miles, but  but the desert group will be wearing dresses, bonnets, long pants, and long sleeves for their journey. The desert group will be sleeping on the ground and the mountain group will be running through the night and the next day, too.  The desert group will be pulling their supplies in handcarts and the mountain group will have gear for six people and six people crammed into a car for two days.  The mountain group will have access to any electronic device they want, but often no signal.  The desert group won’t have to worry about electronics and signals because they aren’t allowed.  The desert group has activities planned like dancing and singing and campfire roasts and the mountain group has activities planned like running, sitting, cheering, and more running.  Both groups will be utilizing the facilities of the Honey Buckets.  Both groups will have an amazing experience renewing their spirits and strengthening their bodies.

I wish I was doing both…this is my fourth Ragnar Relay and I’ve been on two pioneer treks.  I love them both and hope I’m never too old for either!

Which would you choose?  Pull handcarts through the desert or run through the mountains?


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