Happy Father’s Day to My Hero

I love this man for so many reasons!  He is funny, supportive, gentle, patient, strong, and my rock.  Also, this is the third Father’s Day weekend that he has provided support to me and care for my girls as I spend the weekend running through the mountains.  He helps me gather supplies, make sure the car is ready, and he secretly adds songs to my ipod and sends me with little notes and treats.  How many dads do things like that over Father’s Day?

He is also the greatest dad ever!  Just a few examples over recent days…hung a net out back and spends time every day helping Lainey improve her volleyball skills, planned an amazing family trip to Disneyland, spent this morning with Riley talking about buying cars, long movies and talks with Halle about space, at least once every day asks me if I know how Courtnee is doing and tells me that he misses her.

Ten years ago, Joe made major changes in his career path.  The main reason he chose to do this was so that he could be around our girls more and be a big part of their lives.  It has not been easy in many ways, but the relationships he has established with them has been well worth it for all of us.  He had the wisdom to see this and the faith to do it.

He is my hero!


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