The Weekend Changes

Image at Colour Giggles

Happy weekend!  Do you have any plans for outside?  I’m currently running up and down mountains and getting all of the outside time I possibly can!  This is definitely the most beautiful race I’ve ever ran…think snow-capped mountains, meadows full of flowers, blue skies, and an amazing amount of stars at night.  Isn’t nature amazing!  I’m off to run a few more miles, but not before I leave you with some changes to take you through your weekend:

Styled Eats for your Outdoor Movie Night…isn’t Jordan amazing!

Love this Father’s Day Gift Idea.

Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day as a Family.

Relax…reminds me of this.

Fruit Salsa and Fruit Salad Bar.

More Tangerine Tango.

Inspiration…You Are Not Special Commencement Speech.  This is so good and so worth your time!

Take some time this weekend to go outside and enjoy the beauty of the earth!  If you’re interested, you can follow my running adventure on Twitter and the adventure of the Wasatch Back at #RagnarWB.


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