Outside Fantasy Life

Image of Durango, CO from Outside Magazine…thanks to Amy

I’ve mentioned before that I have an alternate fantasy life where I am a super athletic, outdoorsy girl…think early twenties, single, fit, tan, vegan, surfboard, bike, running shoes, and living on a beach in another country.  It is my go to place when I’m completely overwhelmed with my current life.  When I’m not in that spot mentally, I’m often trying to decide if I’m too old to just pack up my family and move to an outdoor adventure area.  Joe would go in a second, but my girls are pretty attached to their friends and community, so we might need to wait until they are all up and out.

I’ve been fueling my fantasy with books and movies lately so I’m getting really itchy for lots of outdoor adventure.  This book is all about a relationship, but the outdoor lifestyle descriptions left me with an urge to move to Montana…now!  Yesterday, I watched this movie and now I’m ready to don my Teva’s, grab a pole, and do some fishing.

The funny thing is, you would never look at me and guess that I would secretly like to run away to the outdoors.  But I was a crazy-for-the-outdoors child, an outdoor Oregonian for five years, and spent 10 summers living at a lake and one summer living at the beach.  Looking back, I’m pretty sure I would have chosen an outdoor lifestyle if I had been brave enough.  Sometimes that makes me sad, but then I remember that I still have lots of life left for outdoor adventures and I live in an area that is full of adventure…I just need to make it happen.

How about you?  Do you have a secret urge to run off and live in the wilderness?


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