Outside Beauty

When the temperatures climb in Utah, the best time to go outside is in the morning and the evening.  I like to use the morning hours to get in a workout and do big projects that require a lot of energy.  If we are outside in the heat of the day, it is usually at the pool.  But my favorite time to go outside is in the evening when the day is winding down and I’ve finished my work for the day.  Strolling through the garden and yard to check in on the plants is so relaxing to me.  And I’m much less likely at that time of the day to start making a mental list of everything that needs to be done.

Last night I took a little stroll through the yard and brought my camera along to remind me that my yard is far from perfect, but still full of so much beauty…even if my photos are imperfect, too.

After all my years of planting and tending and harvesting, it still surprises me that I can put a seed or tiny plant in the dirt and grow something so beautiful.  Isn’t the world amazing!




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