Mom Moment–Outside with Kids

outsideImage from More Design Please

“Go Outside” is a favorite mantra of mothers all over the world…especially when the weather is good!  As a child, those words infused my day with magic and my life with happiness as I escaped the bondage of inside chores for the freedom of outside play.  As a mother, I discovered that outside play meant less inside mess so I sent my girls outside as often as possible.  When they were little, that meant I was with them, and going outside was part of our daily routine.  But they aren’t so little anymore and getting them outside is more difficult now.  Their biggest complaints are heat and bugs and boredom.

A couple of years ago I sent them all outside to get some exercise and Lainey spent her time sitting at the picnic table writing a story about a girl whose mother sent her outside and all of the awful things that happened as a result.  Yes, she is clever like that.

However, after years of mothering and sending my girls outside, I have learned a few things…


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