La Ney Ferme

Joe and I visited La Ney Ferme last week for a fun and unique outdoor dinner.  It was the first time either of us had participated in a farm-to-table experience.  It was a bit of a drive for us to get there, but well worth it and a great evening overall.  More images and details…

When we arrived, we wandered through the farm and admired the plants while munching on brushchetta topped with pea pesto and fresh radishes, picked that morning.  There were also tables of pita chips and pea hummus to eat while we waited for dinner.  The farm is located on the east bench of Utah Valley and the view was spectacular, even with the smoke of a huge wildfire drifting on the horizon.  We ate and strolled and enjoyed the view.

Dinner was really amazing…a giant salad of fresh greens and homemade dressing made with farm fresh herbs, bean salad made with 3 varieties of green beans, zucchini au gratin (our favorite), and roasted chicken and herb sauce.  The zucchini was so good, made with smoked Gouda and a 4 year aged cheddar.  Dessert was equally good…grilled pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and cream.

The farm-fresh food, location, and incredible view were like an early-summer gift.


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