Strawberry Jam

Remember these snack-size jelly jars?…I’m still finding all kinds of uses for them.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to go the traditional route and fill them up with strawberry freezer jam.  They are the perfect size for gifts!

Strawberry freezer jam is a long-standing tradition in our family.  It was a staple in my childhood home and all of my mom’s grandchildren love it for jam sandwiches.  This jam tastes like summer and is an extra special treat in the middle of winter when summer days feel so far away.  One of our neighbors gives us a jar every year for Christmas and it is always gone within a day.

We use the recipe on the pectin box and it works great…just the right amount of freshness and sweetness…you can find the same recipe here.  We like our jam smooth, so we puree the strawberries until there are no lumps, just like mom makes. It is quick and easy to make and a great way to introduce kids to preserving food.  Give it a try.

I’ve also recently spotted some other tasty uses for these little jelly jars on Pinterest…

Mini Rainbow Cakes

Cheesecake in Jars

Cherry Tarts


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