Amazing Outside Blankets

Image at Estate Hound

One of my outside essentials in the summer is a great blanket.  When we are outside, it seems like we always need a blanket for something.  Right now we have a rag tag collection of quilts and blankets that we use for outdoor activities, but I often wish they were more similar in size and style.  I’m a bit strange like that…I crave order and symmetry in my life.  But seriously,  doesn’t everyone appreciate a nice stack of any kind of linens? So picturesque and homey.

Several years ago we bought a Mexican blanket to use outside and it is definitely my favorite.  It is the perfect size and so versatile.  A  staple at the pool, the beach, the mountains and the park, it is perfect to sit on, works great as a tablecloth, and adds just the right amount of warmth to a sleeping bag.  It also washes well and the colors on mine are as vibrant as when I bought it.

Vintage blankets, like those pictured above are so beautiful, but they can also be a bit pricey, and not something I would like to use outside regularly.  As an alternative, Mexican yoga mats are reasonably priced and relatively easy to find.  Of course the best place to purchase Mexican blankets is in Mexico, but there are plenty of online stores that carry similar blankets, and all for under $20.  Here are a few I found:

Patriotic and Fair Trade Mexican Blankets-$15.99

Colorful Mexican Blankets–$15.26 (unique patterns and colors)

Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket–$18.99

Heavy Weight Mexican Blanket–$17.99, 5/$60, 10/$99

How about you?  Any favorite sources for outside blankets or Mexican yoga mats?


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