College Packing Lists


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My second daughter, Riley is moving out and starting college in a few weeks.  She applied and was accepted to a few universities in the spring, but was not anticipating actually becoming a full-time college student until the fall of 2013.  She was planning to live at home and take a few classes at a local community college until then.  I was okay with this plan, but worried that she would feel a bit stagnant and bored in our little town for the next year.

There have been some major changes in her life in the past month, so one week ago she talked to Joe and I about going to college this fall instead.  We are thrilled and feel like she has made a great choice, but now we are really scrambling to get her ready.  So far she has found an apartment, met with an academic adviser,  registered for classes, and started searching for a job (interview today).

After her job interview today, we are going to get a start on shopping for her new apartment.  Fun, but somewhat overwhelming as well.  This is her first apartment so we are basically starting with nothing, but we also have a pretty tight budget so we are focusing on the basics.  We are using My Packing List to make sure we don’t miss anything, but we are also getting some great ideas from these articles:

Your Ultimate College Packing List (and hints for what to leave at home), Washington Post

What to Pack When Heading to College,

Seventeen Things You Need for College, Seventeen Magazine

The Ultimate College Packing List, More Than a Test Score

There are a lot of things on these lists that Riley won’t be taking like a sleeping bag, corded phone, tv, and game consoles, and I’m sure there are several things not on any list that she will want with her…like a framed photo of her parents.

What do you think about these lists?  And what items do you think are essential for a college freshman?



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