Rate My Professors


Have you ever heard of  Rate My Professors?  Courtnee mentioned it to us when Riley was searching for college classes. Since then, several other college students have mentioned it as well, as in “don’t even think about registering for classes without using Rate My Professors!”  Apparently, it is a highly regarded and highly used tool among college students.  I helped Riley register for her classes yesterday, and we looked up the professor for each of her classes, and even made some changes based on the ratings some professors had received.

You can read all about Rate My Professor here.  Try it out…locate the college or university you are interested in and then browse by name or subject.  Professors are rated on helpfulness, clarity, and easiness with an overall rating as well.  And for those who are interested, there is also a rating for hotness…none of Riley’s professors were rated as hot or super easy, but all had high overall ratings.  I am hoping this will mean good things for Riley.  (If I was registering myself for college, I would totally be signing up for all the hot professors!)


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