College Jobs


Success!  Riley went to her interview and was immediately hired…but she doesn’t want the job because it will involve six weeks of training for 8.5 hours each day.  It will interfere with her classes and her life and so hard to work 40 hours/week and be a full-time college student.  So the hunt continues.

I’m just curious…did you work and go to college at the same time?  I did and so did Joe and we think it is great for our daughters to as well.  They meet new people, learn to manage time and money effectively, develop skills and interests, value time and resources more, and stay out of trouble.  I do think that full-time student and full-time job is a bit too much, though.

I know lots of people who worked crazy college jobs like 3 a.m. custodial shifts, but my job was great.  I worked on campus in the Religion Department as a receptionist, secretary, research assistant, and grader for some fantastic professors.  My job paid well and was somewhat flexible and during the summers I worked full-time.  It also gave me access to a computer, something that nobody I knew had in college, so I could stay after work and type and print all of my papers.  I had friends and mentors there and people that watched out for me, listened to me, and cared about me.  In fact, my job experience was every bit as important as my educational experience in college.

I had lots of friends who worked in college, too, and it seemed that the most interesting and flexible jobs were right on campus.  A lot of my friends worked in offices, but some worked in cafeterias, on the grounds crew, and as camp counselors in the summer.  I even had a friend who modeled for art classes…in his Speedo.

So what is your opinion?  Work and college or just one or the other?



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