Getting Ready for Middle School–Southwest Accessories

Mossimo Moccasins and Backpack

Getting ready to go back to school means lots of shopping for us.  This year I’m taking my girls one at a time…I’m not with them as much now that they are older so I really enjoy the one-on-one time with them.  I started with my youngest this year and was so happy with her choices.  I give my girls a budget that we try hard to stick to (sometimes I let them go over a bit because we are also buying practical things like underwear and socks) and then I let them make their own choices.

This year, Halle was really excited about the southwest trend in accessories.  She spent a chunk of her money on moccasin booties and a southwest-inspired backpack.  She even chose to give up a second pair of colored jeans and a hoodie.  I think she chose just the right amount of trendiness to go with standard skinny jeans and loose shirts which made up the rest of her choices.

What do you think of this new southwest trend.  I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan, but I think Halle will really rock those moccasins!


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