Back-to-School Teacher Gift

Image by eighteen25

Are teacher gifts part of your back-to-school preparation.  I’ll admit that it isn’t usually something on my mind.  We are usually too busy wrapping up summer, shopping for clothes and supplies, planning lunches, and jumping into fall sports.  There were a couple of years when my older girls took a small gift to their new teacher and it made all of us feel like awesome rock stars!

I spotted this print on Pinterest, and thought it would be a lovely way to start the school year.  It is free, easy to download, and you can print it at your favorite print shop…I usually send my prints to Costco.

Ironically, I no longer have a child that has just one teacher, and I’m not planning on sending them each with 8 prints, but somebody should do this…just sayin.’

P.S.  I think we might use this gift mid-year for a favorite teacher or two.  It will  also make a lovely gift for my teacher friends.


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