Back to School Supplies



I love school supplies!  Stylish and beautiful, inexpensive and functional, unique and trendy, I love them all.  I still remember what it felt like on that first day of school when my teachers would pass out new boxes of crayons, sheets of blank paper, new textbooks, and a few precious pencils.  When I was older, my school supplies included more exciting things like boxes of colored pencils, graph paper, and calculators.  And college meant a typewriter, luggage, and a planner.

As a grown-up, I’m still thrilled when school supplies start to pop up in the stores, and I always stock up on a few things at home…crayons, markers, colored pencils, paper, tape, and glue sticks are staples.  We also buy several packs of mechanical pencils.  My teenage girls prefer them because they don’t like to waste class time sharpening pencils, or add too much distraction to their classroom (it makes some teachers grumpy).  We found some nice pencils at Target this year.

If you haven’t already purchased school supplies, here are a couple of lists I’ve rounded up:

15 Totally Awesome Back to School Must Haves…the notebooks are my favorite.  I want one in every color!

Design Mom’s 7 Hip Picks for Back to School…I really want to try beeswax crayons.

11 Incredible Back to School Supplies I Wish I Had as a Kid…I wish I had them as an adult.

12 Office Space Picks for Fall…beautiful supplies for grown ups in brass and leather.

Any other great lists out there that I should include?



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