Mom Moment–Lainey is 14!

Lainey turned 14 last month and I’m still shocked every time I remember.  Not only did she turn 14, she also made the high school volleyball team, and then marched into the high school last week as a freshman…all 5 feet and 85 pounds of her!  This girl might be tiny in body, but man does she have a big personality.

Here are 14 things I love about Lainey:

1.  She decides what she wants and then works really hard to make it happen.

2.  Her sense of style is fun and sometimes quirky.

3.  She takes really good care of her body…eats healthy, goes to bed early, exercises.

4.  Her big, brown eyes.

5.  Her cute spaciness that always reminds me of her dad.

6.  Her stubbornness that always reminds me of me.

7.  She is a saver, not a spender.

8.  Beautiful hair.

9.  She has really big dreams and plans…college at Emory or NYU, LDS mission, famous writer.

10. Amazingly intelligent.

11.  Her kind and gentle spirit.

12. She prays for the honeybees.

13. She is an animal whisperer…completely confident, gentle, and instinctive with all animals.

14. She is one tough cookie!

Love this girl and love watching her grow up.  So grateful that she is mine!


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