Leading My Daughter to Safety

Image from A Cup of Jo

I miss being here…this is my happy place and life doesn’t feel complete without spending some time here every day.  We are in family crisis mode over here.  One of my sweet girls is really struggling and as all moms know, that means I’m struggling right along with her.  She needs me right now in a way that I haven’t been needed for a long time.  It feels good to know that as a mother I do make a difference…I just wish I was feeling this under other circumstances.

I’m not sure what the future holds for her or what my role will be.  We are taking this a day at a time and counting each good moment as a victory.  One thing I am sure about, though, is that I will fight for her fiercely and see her through this time in her life.  Because that’s what a mother does.  They love and protect and guide with their entire being.

On a lighter, but related note, this is just what parenting feels like right now…Mother Duck Leads Her Family to Safety.




3 thoughts on “Leading My Daughter to Safety

  1. Beautiful picture! Brought tears to my eyes! You are a wonderful mother and if anyone can lead a child safely “home” it’s you!

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