I’m trying to “keep going.”  Sometimes it is so hard.  Especially when it feels like there is no reason to keep moving…total despair.

But life compels because people, my people, need to eat and sleep and learn and grow and be happy.  So somehow I keep going, “no matter what.”

In dealing with this latest crisis, my plan to “keep going” was to launch into a huge project, a total bedroom redo, including fresh paint, carpets cleaned, thrifted furniture painted, handmade art projects…the works.  That helped for about 10 days and then I was exhausted and creatively burned out.  So I spent a few days numbing myself with Netflix and food and as little movement as possible…and I bottomed out, as I occasionally do.

My next plan of attack, eat healthy, go to the gym, get more sleep, pray, laugh, create, shower, serve, and appreciate life.  It works every time.

Image here.


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