On Becoming a Morning Person


I have always been a night owl, but I secretly long to be a morning person.  Work, children, school and other circumstances have often forced me to be an early riser, usually with great reluctance on my part.  But I fantasize about an hour or so before anyone else is awake when the house is all mine and I can quietly and slowly greet the new day on my terms.

I’m not sure if that fantasy will be fulfilled until my three teenage daughters have moved into adulthood.  They like to stay up late, get up early for school, and sleep as much as possible on the weekend.  That schedule doesn’t work so well for this 40-something mom who really likes and needs her sleep.

Right now I’m working on some ideas to help all of us get to bed earlier so that I can fulfill my early-morning fantasy.  I just read a great article on creating a lasting morning routine that is inspiring me to make some changes in my evening routine so that I can finally achieve the status of being a “morning person.”

The first change for me is to just shut down at night.  After so many years of relishing those hours when my girls were asleep to get things done, it is a pretty strong habit.  I even pulled an all-nighter last month so that I could get some painting projects done…I paid for that one for almost a week.  I’ve also realized that in spite of all the chaos going on around me, I can still start winding down myself when it is time to go to bed.  I’m going to try some light yoga, herbal tea, and PJs about an hour before bedtime to relax myself.  Hopefully my family will get the message that I’m heading to bed…and maybe they will start getting to bed a bit earlier too.

*Beautiful morning image at EllenZee.


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