The Weekend Changes


It is so cold here…colder than I remember it feeling for years!  Even inside it is hard to stay warm so I have been adding layers and turning up the thermostat.  We are laying low this weekend and working to stay warm.  Sunday afternoon, though, I am doing something that is a first for me, ever!  I am taking a little trip for some alone time for a few days.  I plan on reading, writing, thinking, praying, and mostly just regrouping for the new year.  I feel slightly selfish and naughty about doing this, but my excitement far outweighs any other emotion.  Have you ever taken a trip alone for no particular reason, and if not would you?  I can’t seem to ever get enough uninterrupted time so I consider this a huge luxury…and hopefully the beginning of an annual tradition.

I’m still putting Christmas away, and now packing to go as well, but first I wanted to leave you with a few changes I found:

A Day Home with Dada.

DIY Giant Confetti Wall…such a fun idea for a birthday or graduation party.

The Good Habits App just might help us all keep our resolutions.  I loaded it today and it is Free!  Thanks Shawni.

A few books I read over Christmas break:  The Garden of Evening Mists, Midnight in Austenland, and Wild (a little sexy and some profanity)…loved them all.

Photo wallpaper…I think this would be a fun and easy DIY.

Enjoy these changes and a few of your own this weekend.  And stay warm!


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