Changing my Life…one DIY Project at a Time

While I was MIA from the blog, I was spending most of my time creating change all through my home.  I lived in my painting clothes and was either brushing or spraying paint onto something every chance I had.  I even have the stained clothes and acute wrist and thumb pain to prove it!  There were a lot of things going on in my life that I needed to deal with emotionally and throwing myself into creative projects gave me lots of time to both ignore and work through them.  My previous coping mechanism was to lay in bed and brood, but this new approach was so much better.  I was productive (although a bit consumed) and at the end of each day there was something new to admire and another problem sorted through mentally.

The images above are a sneak peak at some of the projects I’ve completed in my loft/office space.  My ultimate goal is to use this space as a library, but right now it has become a very happy and feminine place for me to work.  I love it and almost every project involved repurposing something I already had so most of my expenses came from paint…and time.

I’ll be sharing lots of my projects soon, and some of the lessons I learned along the way.



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